CPS "Manufacture Information System"

One of the products of PT. Permata System that is intended to help the company in terms of production planning and inventory control. Equipped with several modules that are often applied in an enterprise production systems, such as the Register Order, Release Order, Tracking Process and so on, This application is very suitable for production department of a company, which can control production planning and inventory control (Production Planner and Inventory Control [PPIC]).



CPS "Manufacture Information System"

Features :



·         MasteData : Buyer,  Order TypeMarket TypeMarket Zone,Product Type etc.

·         Sales Order & InstructioSheet.

·         Sales Order Report, Overview Register and Release Order.



·         MasteData : Item/Part Master, Item Type, IteGroup, Item Category, BOMMachineWorStation, Hand feel and Routing Process.

·         Work Order

·         Raw Material Request

·         Raw Material Receive

·         Raw Material Issued

·         Process Planning/Matrix ProductioPlanning

·         Realize Production Record

·         Tracking Process

·         Report : Request Raw Material, Raw Material Issued, Inventory Report (Stock,Stock Card),PPIC Order

·         Report : Outstanding ProductionProduction CardsLead TimProduction Report,etc.



·         Finish Good Receive

·         Finish Good Inspection

·         Delivery Order

·         Report : Finish Good Receive Report and Outstanding Verpacking Report.



·         Good ReceivNote/Stock Receive and Stock Issued

·         StocControl (Minimum/Maximum Stock),Stock Card

·         Stock Opnam/ Adjustment

·         Report : IteMaster, Stock anStock Card Report



·         Purchase Order