INDEKS - Integrated Accounting System

Is an application developed by PT Permata System, which is merging distribution application that comes with the accounting system.

Indesk Accounting System


Accounting System : Indeks : Integrated Accounting System

Features that are embedded in the application - Indeks - Integrated Accounting System:

  • Multi User - Can be used by more than one user at the same 
  • Multi Currency - Transactions can be made in several currencies 
  • Item Master 
  • Master Data Customers / Suppliers (Vendors) 
  • Master Chart Of Accounts (COA) - Accounting account code 
  • Journal Type - Consists of several types of journals [Sales, Purchasing, Payments, Receipts and General Journal] and can still add the appropriate transaction group 
  • Sales Transaction - Transaction Sales [SO - DO - Invoice - Receipt], can also directly invoice without SO and DO 
  • Purchase Transaction - Purchase Transactions [PO - GRN - Supplier Invoice - Payment], can also direct the Supplier Invoice without PO and GRN 
  • Inventory Transaction - [Adjustment of Stock, Stock Issue, Stock Receipt] 
  • Petty Cash Form - Form for recording transactions Petty Cash
  • Payment Request Voucher (PRV) - Recording of payment requests from the user
  • Print Out Vouchers - Each transaction can be in print [Voucher Sales, Purchase, Receipt, Payment] and so on 
  • Print Out Pre report - Invoice, DP, PO etc.

Indeks - Itegrated Accounting System


  • Sales Report - [Reports Sales Order (SO), Delivery of Goods (DO), Sales Detail, Gross profit 
  • Purchase Report - [Reports Purchase Order (PO), Goods Receipt (GRN), Purchase Report 
  • Inventory Report - Report of the stock with and without price, Card Stock, Stock Adjustment and the other 
  • Cash / Bank Reports - Statements of Cash / Bank Ind and Out
  • AR / AP Reports - Reports Receivable / Payable [Outstanding Receivable / Payable, Aging, Due Invoice and so on] 
  • Financial Reports - Financial Statements [Balance Sheet, Profit / Loss Report] 
  • other Reports



  • Auto Backup facility for Database
  • User access right
  • Others