We are a software developer in the country who are highly experienced in developing various software applications. We provide several software applications such as Payroll, HR Administration, Employee Attendance, Accounting Software, Retail, Point Of Sales, PPIC & Manufacturing Information Systems

Do you find it difficult to prepare a variety of reports, calculate tax pph 21? HRIS Permata is the solution. 


HRIS Permata 

The function of these systems is not just to accommodate the database or do any recording but emphasizes the quality and effectiveness of HR operations, good service to our employees, accuracy and efficiency. 

HRIS Permata consists of many functions such as: 

HR functions: 

  • Recruitment
  • Contract Management 
  • Employee Record : Family, Education, Career Progression, Employee Leave, Medical History, Training Records, Appraisal, Meal, Employee Particular, Warning Letter, and other features 
  • Employee Self Services : Leave Request, OT Request and Approval

Payroll functions: 

  • Employee benefits 
  • Pieces
  • Overtime (Overtime)
  • Social Security
  • Pph. 21 
  • Payroll History : Printing reports such as pay slips, payroll, payroll recap, social security statements, tax reports, and bank statements, uploading bank files automatically. 
  • Payroll Analysis

Attendance Functions : 

  • Import data from a finger print, daily attendance reports, monthly attendance reports, public holidays, overtime and leave of employees. Control overtime and employees who do not get in a row - pillar for 3 or 5 working days.

HRIS Permata 


How about Tax Correction??

We also provide Tax Correction Modules that are very easy to use :)

Tax Correction


Tax Correction 

HANDAL - Sales & Distribution System

Business Retail, Distributors and Trade in Indonesia is very fast and has a very tight business competition. 

Not a few companies out of business if not rapid, precise, accurate and careful in analyzing the business. For that we are ready to present to facilitate a system that is completely reliable and dependable. HANDAL Trading is a result of the development of trading software that has been tested and can be implemented by large retail companies that have hundreds of showrooms, stores or outlets though. 

HANDAL Trading not just for the cashier transaction only but to control business activities in the center. As an entrepreneur you can view and analyze your products, ranging from the analysis of the best seller, fast moving up to speed analysis of sales per showroom. reports sales per day, per-month, per category, per showroom and a lot of reports that can be found. 

You can also do inventory control, stock rotation and balancing items, in addition to the available features promo program to help merchandise conduct promotional programs and if you have a designer- designers who design your own product you are selling, then this will make it easier for designers and creating inspiration new product to be developed further.


HANDAL - Sales & Distribution System


CPS "Manufactur Information System"

CPS Designed to meet the needs of the supporting facilities of a manufacturing or fabrication. With CPS all components and elements involved can work together and cooperate in producing a good, appropriate and timely manner in accordance with the request buyer / customer. 

CPS has been tested and can be implemented one at perusahaan2 textiles in Bandung. While still using excel file, marketing and PPIC one of our customers is very difficult if you want to know the process and tracking orders. It takes time and a lot of people involved just to open multiple files and search one by one and this certainly reduces the quality of service to customers, reduce productivity and highly inefficient. 

After using the CPS, all become easier, more enjoyable work and time is not wasted much useless. 

CPS consists of several modules such as: Marketing Order (Sales Order), Work Order PPIC, PPIC Production Planning, Production Realize, Process Tracking, Inventory Report, Purchase Report, Invoice, Delivery Order and Verpacking.


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Permata System








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